Thanks Tati

They went home together four of Natasha and Boris. Natasha shifts and Ruth were almost complete and decided to take this time, anticipating his regular output to return together. Ruth was still no sign of joy or disappointment which meant Natasha, who was not very happy with his grandson were male. From that day Ruth became a little quieter. However came regularly to visit Tati laden with gifts. Tati was useless to explain to stop buying things. She continued to do so.

"You've already seen the name going to put your son? – asked in a visit Ruth. "Yes," replied smiling Tati. – Although my parents at first did not seem a good idea, are now completely agree. I suppose you will be too. Same name as his father. I think it's a tribute to him and a sweet way to continue giving his name.

Until now it has hurt me. In fact you may have noticed that I mentioned. So my parents were opposed in principle. Is that eventually that will change. -. "Thanks Tati," said Ruth while she kissed his forehead. – Do not know how much he wanted were to put that name. Comentartelo I did not at any time because it was not my intention to influence you. "It would have influenced me with this or any other name," Tati said, smiling. a "I'm very stubborn and would never have accepted someone else decide the name of my son. I regret not ever touched the subject with Sebastian.