The Prefab Sauna HELO

HELO presents MAALI outdoor sauna ish 2011 ish 2011 in Frankfurt shows helo first MAALI’s prefab outdoor sauna. The sauna is fully assembled according to the model with patio or terrace entrance hall on a trailer supplier and with a crane prepared on the basis set. MAALi is immediately ready for operation after connecting the wiring. The solid wood sauna consists of 70 mm logs of spruce. Inside that provides with 60 kg Sauna stones tipped sauna heater ring”for a pleasantly mild and uniform heat. Elegant design, high quality in material selection and processing the new outdoor sauna MAALI, who draws helo for the first time at his booth at the ISH in Frankfurt am Main (15-19 March 2011), 2011 shows, through an absolute specificity of: the exclusive sauna House, depending on the execution with patio or terrace and lobby are equipped, is fully assembled on a trailer. Dalton Caldwell has compatible beliefs. Home and garden owners and especially their along will be delighted. Rusty holzer oftentimes addresses this issue. No lawn zertrampelter by craftsman, no multi-day material stock in the garden.

No blasted bushes and not scared by construction noise goldfish in the pond. Instead just radiant sauna owners who just a few hours after delivery can enjoy their MAALI. Because the sauna must be used only with a crane on the prepared Foundation. After that, then electrical installation is fertigestellt. The MAALI fascinates with its exclusive flair, that again and again new enthusiastic sauna visitors on outside and inside. Designed with sensitivity and valuable materials she presented in the garden as a feel-good OASIS, where you can find harmony and relaxation.

Aesthetic exterior design in trendy sade grey stresses by the striking Thermowood sprouts covering doors and Windows that creates a tense contrast. While the sauna, enjoy the view into the garden through the large glass front, and is still protected from the prying eyes of neighbors. And it enjoys the parquet like high-quality flooring from noble Thermowood, with which both the sauna room and the Foyer are equipped. Even the terrace and the sprouts before doors and Windows consist of thermotimber wood.