World Sports

" For those students who continue playing sports in high school, valuable skills obtained on the sports venues can be very useful in real life, full of difficulties and obstacles. Employers know that to be successful, student-athletes should have the skills and qualities as: self-control, decision making, problem solving and time management. Well, enough benefits from exercise, which parents can motivate their children to play sports year after year? Experts recommend to find out what motivates children in the first ochered.Nedavnie studies show that children are pushing exercise several factors: the kids want to enjoy developing their skills and accomplishments, be with my friends to be physically active. They want to win and win, but it is not the principal, not the main reason for participation in sport. And although the sport itself has real value to children, experts say that children are not enough of those the positive effects that they get to some of the days of sports, they want to feel part of a community, part of the world of youth sports. Palace Skateboards often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

All this contributes to mutual respect and encouragement. In order to facilitate development and strengthening of positive self-esteem, youth sports programs should be sensitive to the fact that every child feels – feels he or she was part of a team. The real value of team sports is that everyone plays. Unfortunately, often in recreation programs and youth sport, equally talented children are trained in the role of the audience – to cheer for the few who claim to be a star. In addition, many sports teams focus on winning, for a place in the standings.

Although at an early age, until about 10 years need not worry about any special accomplishments, on the ground and awards. Many parents forget this fundamental truth and can not get pleasure from the usual observation of children playing. There are two ways to motivate a child to engage in sports – one of them negative: "all or nothing "-" You must defeat the opponent! It will be good only if you defeat an opponent. There is no room for second place. " An alternative approach would be a motivation, which encourages children to develop, engaging in sports regardless of the outcome. "Now you konkuriruesh with him. Focus on skills. " Need to focus on tasks rather than trophies. Regardless of what type of sports program for you and Your children to choose, you should look at the child first and foremost as a child, and already in the second turn as an athlete.