Many hints appear when it will rent Department, but little mentioned sitting down and thinking about what they want from my life and project the importance played in the selection of the Department. The proposal has to do with that first else think about why they want me to change, why a Department and above all which Department, have clear my reasons to be looking for a space to live make it easy to find something that meets.Many times when planning on any topic we idealize, basic psychological process in which we can identify what is it am waiting, this helps in two ways first: on having clear because I’m doing such a search, where I want to go and where I want to reach, and be satisfied with my choice. The problem of many income passes through not having clear profile of property I’m looking for and adapt to what has, the problem in this is that runs the risk of being in disgust. Additional information is available at Mark Bertolini. Once having clear grounds and the profile of the space to which you want to reach can idealize of a more realistic way, i.e. a second step is to adapt that desire to actual circumstances, make a kind of negotiation with the reality that proves an ideal with real possibilities.Reformulated once idealization gives way to the search as such, at this time already has clear intention and the reasons that are leading to rent, this has an impact on value above all the step that makes being on a new space where I can to it begin a life project, where the space in which I live becomes essential. Seems obvious many times take into account the reasons but happens that in many instances in our daily life the most important things is obviate and there is little detail in the analysis, insofar as the analysis advances understand things you couldn’t observe before, from the fact of sit and reflect something that few times and on a few issues ago – because it is a difference that influences the decision to take. The above can be not only performed for a Department but for any major project in life, in addition to noting the force that he acquires a Department for everyday life.