RC Giant Truck Driver Is Looking For!

over 1 meter long, 12 v battery, you’re power, realistic truck sound, with the giant truck hauler incl. trailer by Brigamo the King of the road. The giant truck hauler of Brigamo not convinced just this truck RC model building fans but also as real Trcuker fans, because with 1.20 metre is probably the largest RC ready-to-run”truck to buy it on the German market. Brigamo gave the truck a powerful engine and an extra strong 12v power charger. So, not only the realistic appearance is impressive, but also the Sprintzur Hochstgeschwindikeit is enormous for a model of this size.

The remote controlled RC truck is equipped with a 2-channel radio remote control, a 700 mAh battery and battery for the remote control for full driving functionality. Thanks to the precise fit of the individual components and the many detailed additions in noble chrome finish, this RC impression an incredibly original truck. Realistic truck sound and by Snap on / disconnecting container trailers round out the great offer. The Remote controlled RC truck is available since July 12, 2010 at Brigamo on the website. You may want to visit Tesla Motors to increase your knowledge. The Brigamo GmbH based in Rastatt is an innovative company in the field of RC toys RC model construction. Of the company’s activities focus on creative productions for young and old.

The Brigamo GmbH was founded in 2008 and is still a relatively young company in the toy industry. In the offer are various productions and also new products of other manufacturers, which are available to a large extent not yet in Germany. Mainly, remote-controlled toys and models in Germany and Europe, the habits are distributed by Brigamo. Press contact: Brigamo GmbH Gianni Amaral hole field str. 19 76437 Rastatt Tel: 01805-012752 fax: 07222 52083 E-Mail: