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Reduction in the rate of customer complaints to 75prozent Paderborn (Germany), Kiev (Ukraine) July 05, 2011: for more than half a year of the Ukrainian mobile operator life uses 🙂 the NGCP solution from ORGA Systems mediation and policy control with success for real time-based charging, active. The solution today, all life 🙂 Subscriber via a single platform to reverse charges is used after an installation time of less than four weeks. The Ukrainian market competitive requires real-time solutions for mediation, charging and policy control. Only thus it is possible to offer innovative services and customized rates, both to be able to win new customers and keep existing. Satisfied customers face a number of tariff and technological innovations and advantages available 🙂 are the key to the sustained competitive advantage for life. Check with Elsabet Jones to learn more.

Performance increase by more than 300% In November 2010 celebrated life 🙂 the successful market introduction of the product next generation Control Point (NGCP), the company and its customers brings a variety of significant benefits. One of the advantages of this unified platform is more than significant performance and efficiency by over 300% in terms of maintaining flexibility in system configurations. life 🙂 customers benefited since NGCP last year in the highest degree by the flexibility of the integration with the GGSN charging node, live a more efficient billing enabled. NGCP plays an important role customers for increasing satisfaction index of life :), because this product offers billing accuracy. The combination of performance and functionality makes the NGCP solution to a unique instrument when it comes to achieving higher customer satisfaction through new marketing products and operational quality. So, we could reduce, for example, the customer complaint rate on the GPRS billing by 75% after the launch of the NGCP”, as Ismail Celikkol, Deputy General Director service network, life :). Unified platform is the key to customer satisfaction of orga systems provides life :), to keep its competitive edge as the move away from the pure bandwidth control and the transition to intelligent bandwidth management a fact that kept its competitive advantage in a market so saturated as the Ukraine the mobile operator allows individualized offers.