Inner Harmony

He is better to ignite a light than to curse the dark. While we remain with life and the opportunity occurs to show us us in this dimension, we do not have to neglect our inner harmony, where we seated our happiness, everything what it allows us to intensely enjoy our life, more when we have worried to grow, to take passage to I show spiritual potential, that allows us to act within the correct thing, guaranteed of all those necessary virtues that help us to feel us well, like the knowledge to share, to manage the emotions, feelings, to identify to us with the reach that the love generates, what contributes the sincerity, honesty, integrity, values, ethics, moral, in aim everything what guarantees happiness, provides joy and it allows us to fulfill the mission of why we pronounced ourselves in this plane; besides protecting our true authenticity, last aspect this, that many beings neglect and stop being authentic in their emotions, behavior, becoming employees of the interests of which simply they manipulate and they are useful contaminating them and aggravating his to him true authenticity. In a writing on this topic, Eliana, contributes to us, that to understand that the happiness that we only looked for it can be within us, and this it will only leave to shine if we managed to balance and to obtain our inner harmony. We have been put in the world with different aims, each human being is unique and, therefore, it must also fulfill an aim unique, but also there is an aim that all the human beings we must fulfill: to be happy. We have been put in the Earth for that, and we thought if it well, at the end of our days that is what truly it will count; it will not matter how much money we accumulated, how successful we were in our profession, how much they admired to us, how many goods we had the unique thing that really will matter is if we managed to be happy, if we had a total life and if we left a sign of happiness behind us. .