I decided to enter in justice, in the certainty of that errors would be reviewed, I delivered to a lawyer and I left the side case, in the last hearing is surprise when the doctor was questioned By the Nursing home, for us, and exactly thus it did not answer that you are welcome if it remembered, for hierarchic Questions, I remained been silent, finding that my lawyer if would pronounce, what did not happen and today I repent myself, living creature in if therefore during two months between gone and Comings of the hospital my husband without walking and with 20kg leaner, this measured that our house operated it vine all Saturday, together with its wife, seems novel, but Was thus same that happened. During the 5 first years I was not interested myself for the Process, after the last Hearing, times later, decided to ask to the lawyer answered who me that only we seriamos informed of the outcome in success case. I was pasma' ' There I decided to read the handbook, thing that must have done 9 years before, and vi that the reason did not consist took that it to the CTI, were extinguished the transfusion of blood, this at the time, somebody Of great importance asked for to me to read the handbook, found unnecessary, great error, Could have me left a little in peace. Therefore I assumed all the guilt for nothing to have been Done in that night tragic. The reply of doctor: Vocs is the losers! , as if we did not know. I see with clarity that the facts had not been refined. Fact only remains to accept me these exactly, that had taken me somebody of weight to the 54 years of age. This is a part of My history, clearly that not less better. Grateful, River, March of 2010