Sales Letters

No, you’re writing to sell, and the type of deed to sell, it really is very different to writing a novel or something like that. That will not be an impediment, I say that because I use all these kinds of things, is because today, I can afford it. However, ten years, when I started, I began with my carticas of sale, and if I see them today, I say: “AMay gross! AMay sales letters so bad! yComo came to do that?”. But today I see my sales letters are much better than ten years ago. And even today, I outsourced, not writing one hundred percent of a sales letter, but after I finish a sales letter, and I can not think what else to do and I think something I need , I have sent an expert and say: “Read me and give me their feedback.” And that person is different with different eyes, sees through the eyes of professional business writer, and a few changes then comes the very gross, I, “yComo not that something had happened to me?”. Then, this part is very important. Do not underestimate any of the issues we saw today, especially this business of writing sales letters, because that ultimately is what will make sales. In fact, I’m going to put up with a different number.

If you send 100 people to a sales letter, and only one person buys, are having a 1% conversion, ie one in every hundred are going to buy. But it is very feasible and is likely to make a small change and a small adjustment to the sales letter, you can double the conversion rate, that is, that instead of having a 1% conversion, you’re getting 2% of conversion. You’re automatically doubling your sales without having to send more traffic. So you have to measure it, this is another rather significant variables. It’s all you have to do with the issue of testing and tracking. It’s the whole theme of the tool that gives you the power Smart Web Business to Split testing to see if version A is more powerful than B. If the holder of the A version is becoming better than B, then leave the A and C to create a version to compete with A. That does not exist on a whim, exists because it is one of the most powerful marketing tools that you may have, and the possibility of having all this control testing statistical Split A and B.

So Use it because it is very important. All this, when one is beginning, one does not care. One, I just want to start writing a sales letter and release it, then, suddenly, be surprised that the letter is not making sales or generating too much traffic is needed to achieve a sale. So one has to make adjustments in the case, and this is all a learning process, do not expect to do things perfect at once. When I started, obviously did not make things perfect. Even today, I still and will continue making many mistakes. But that’s the interesting thing about this business, every day you learn something in a world so exciting. know how to create a sales letter?