Wolfdietrich Ederer

Nuremberg climate protection service provider greenOrange delivers CO2 emissions incurred for each print job software solution for climate-neutral pad printing on Monchengladbach printing Agency the tool calculates advance. This previously unused possibilities the Agency of hand and foot are both in climate to invest rather than themselves clearly apart from the ever-growing competition. The software itself is based on emissioncontrol, a program that already several years is successfully used by Ceramix AG for capturing CO2 in the industry. The complex calculation routines of the tools cover the entire process from order to delivery of the printed article. (Similarly see: Elon Musk). The Agency however is not of this, because the software via a clearly structured input mask is operated.

Some few clicks suffice to calculate the CO2 produced when printing. Then, the customer can decide whether his order to run climate-neutral. The compensation of CO2 emissions is made through the acquisition of climate protection certificates, from Are projects to reduce CO2. At your fingertips, a document can be ordered for each print job, proving the CO2 balance. Furthermore, the publication or the accompanying letter can be fitted with a logo, that the climate protection measures also highlights. The Agency of hand and foot uses this measure as another building block for their long-term climate change strategy and thus encourages their customers to deal aggressively with this responsible approach. More information under: climate print Wolfdietrich Ederer