The Definition

The reflection is necessary, so that the professors rethink and understand the motivation concept, and its implications in the teach-learning process, needing to be conscientious and chemical preparations to adopt adequate strategies and the definition of the motivacionais goals, mainly in the alfabetizao phase. So that he can learn to read to write, in this so important stage, the necessary pupil to have motivation to learn. He is to the alfabetizador professor, who fits the mission of awaking the motivation in that they arrive at the school without interest for the learning and to stimulate the motivation of that they want to learn. The pedagogical environment is configured as favorable to the learning when it is defined by the objectives of learning of the pupils, for the form that the professor presents the information and considers the activities in classroom, as it answers to the demands of the pupils, it exerts the authority and it proceeds to the evaluation. Therefore, to motivate the pupils if it makes necessary to know its goals motivacionais and to analyze the standards of the teaching performance for better understanding on the pedagogical process and its potential to awake the interest and the effort to learn. To facilitate the learning of pupils, the professor if valley of strategies, the application of the available ways with sights to the achievement of its objectives. The expression ‘ ‘ strategies of I teach-aprendizagem’ ‘ in an ample direction it includes the methods, techniques, ways and procedures of education. To if deciding for the application of definitive strategy and definition of the motivacionais goals to be used, the professor will have to certify itself of that these are adjusted to its clientele and also to the objectives that it intends to reach..