Speaking about possible ways out: the war and dictatorship – I'm not advocating that it was, because that too may lead nowhere. And Americans are convinced of this, starting a war against Iraq. And today's confrontation, say, in Afghanistan. Or if there is an attempt to block the force to Somalia, the pirates appear in another African country. In this sense, you are absolutely right. But the agreement is most easily will probably be in the north: U.S., Canada, all Europe, Russia. Harder – in the south, which has an excess population.

And lacking the means to explain to all Africans, all the Arabs, Persians, Chinese, Indians. Because hungry people still tend to be abused. I am myself a supporter of what you said. The example of our country, I see it. We have three million very rich people live practically in the bunker. They are afraid to communicate.

They understand the origin of their money. They are all under protection. Today we have private security guards more than the regular army, because all the rich people only one aspiration – a security problem. Therefore, they use a lot of money they have not brought. So I you just grateful. We need this to raise awareness, to negotiate anywhere. And tomorrow in London they will have to agree. Today, the universal fear of universal disaster forces us to abandon some dominant ideology. To abandon elements of violence, from the power of democracy, from any kind of ideological coloring – the division of people of color, nationality, geographic factors.