The Society

With the formation that I acquired I want to approach questions that affect the most needed, with a not opposing however different vision of the common sense, always looking for to show for the society what the system hides of the same one. The course of geography is a box of surprises, however agrees and adores the authors, however nor wants to think us same, this is one of the virtues of geography, its high crticidade and empirismo, social academic and. It is for this Geography criticizes that I got passionate myself, trying to practise it na all my personal and professional life the moment. A marcante moment of this my academic day was to the gone one to the period of training, the fear to disappoint me was great, the confrontation with the reality caused fear however also it was a waited moment sufficiently, the entrance in the classroom was a compound of nervousness and anxiety. At the beginning of the lesson I was seen with a look of soslaio on the part of the pupils, whom soon if an admiration look became, for counting a little to them of my history and showing for the same one that it is possible to be a better person. At that moment I was certain that the will to change the world in mine entorno was possible, the ideals that I defended in theory could become reality, did not exist more fear, but yes a certainty that was in the certain way. The lesson was excellent and found in the pupils a will of to unmask geographic knowing with a bigger reflection. In the professionalization process I had many victories and some slips. Today I affirm that I found my vocation, to teach is a gift, the course nor finished but already I am seen with other eyes; for my family, my friends, and the people with whom me sociabilizo in the daily one, not for the fact of being a college student, or for being finishing a course, but yes for having in mine mago a burning hot will to become the world a better place, for all.